Amazing Performing House Cats and Dogs

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Our Show

Everybody wants to be a cat
We'd like you to know that we will be happy to perform 30 minutes of Trained House Cats and Dogs Show - "Everybody Wants to be a Cat". Our show will include introduction of our story, our relationship with pets, talk about the different breeds of our cats and dogs (we have 12 house cats and 5 different breeds), how we are teaching our animals, keeping and caring of them. After this, full acts with our pets. In finale, possible couple min. to take questions from the audience. We will bring our own sound system, some light, a beautiful backdrop. We have USDA license and event insurance. 

Here some more details. We have one Toy Hauler RV 35 Ft and we are using our RV as a "backstage",dressing room and room for our pets. Our show is available on any your accommodations (small stage, barn ). We required a performance area no less: 18 Ft Wide X 15 Ft Deep and a parking for our RV close to our show space, power 50 Amp or 30 Amp fo RV and drinking water connect.